What is a sibling doula?

As a sibling doula, I accompany your child through the journey to becoming a big sister or a big brother. I have been trained as a Birth Doula and have extensive experience working in early childhood education.  During your pregnancy, labor, birth and postpartum, I draw on this knowledge and experience to provide emotional preparedness and support for your child and childbirth education unique to his/her age and interests.  I answer questions in an age-appropriate manor as they arise and work with your family and birth team to ensure that your child’s experience is  safe, nurturing and  aligned with your own laboring and birth needs.   

My services include:

  • Three 2 hour prenatal visits, during which your child and I will engage in birth-related activities (craft and practice comfort measures, role play, read stories about home birth) and form a stronger connection so I can be a trusted support person at the time of the birth
  • Attendance at one prenatal visit with your midwife (36 week check-in recommended)
  • Commitment to being on-call at 36 weeks and remaining with your child throughout labor, birth and two hours postpartum
  • One 2 hour postpartum visit, during which your child and I will do a project reflective of his/her experience becoming a big brother/sister
  • Access to a lending library of childbirthbooks and videos specifically for children