We were so fortunate to have had our midwife refer us to Natalie as our sibling doula. Natalie has been amazing with our older son Cameron - as a sibling doula but also as an all around buddy, confidant, and trusted adult.

Natalie was immersed and engaged with Cameron and our family throughout our entire pregnancy and birthing process. She remained a calm and nurturing presence for our son through his journey to becoming a big brother, introducing him to the physiology of birth and the sights, sounds and emotions of labor in creative and age-appropriate ways. She quickly formed a trusting relationship with our son, and her gentle approach to sibling support put us at ease during this transition.

During labor itself, Natalie was very accessible and quick to arrive. She was able to attend to Cameron’s needs while still checking in on how we were feeling about Cameron’s involvement as labor progressed. When it came time for baby to arrive, Natalie (and his lovey) were the calming presence that Cameron clung onto as he met his baby brother for the first time. Natalie will always be a part of our family for how she allowed Cameron to be so supported during this time, and we are so grateful for her positive, upbeat, and calming demeanor.

Natalie has a natural way with children. Our son seems happier to see her than us!
— Yunny and Samir
From the moment we met Natalie, our entire family fell in love with her. Particularly our son, who was 3 at the time and was anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first sibling.
Natalie forged an incredible bond with our son. She made sure that their connection was top priority every time they were together. She introduced him to sounds and sights that he might hear during labor. Our son immediately became fascinated with “birth games”, and practiced all possible roles endlessly. Sometimes he would be the mother laboring, sometimes the baby being born, other times he would be the midwife, sometimes himself, offering laboring mommy coconut water, essential oils, or quiet support, depending on the scenario.
Natalie was the guide through all of these games, making suggestions, and creating all possible scenarios so that when the real time came... They would be ready.
This confidence in the process of laboring is something that I believe will stick with our son for the rest of his life.

When labor began, surely enough the first thing he did was offer to bring me a coconut water. He remained a calm, respectful observer, and welcomed his baby sister into the world. Natalie was right there to make sure that he was comfortable and that we were all feeling supported.

I trusted Natalie implicitly to be the guardian of our son during my labor. I knew that she would protect our desire for him to be involved, but more importantly protect his experience and make sure that he was comfortable and secure.

Natalie is intuitive, kind, respectful, responsible, endlessly creative and fun, strong, and loving. We are honored to have had her involved in the birth of our daughter.
— Caitlin